Planned Obsolescence

Apple-Planned-ObsolescenceThere are many that will claim that we as a human species are intellectually superior to the other species on earth – that we are better than others because we’ve invented the car, the airplane, the train and the computer – though here I have some unsettling news; we as a species are really the most inferior on the planet – as we’re the only species the deliberately destroy the equilibrium of our environment in order to sustain our lust for more.

Other animals do tend to in some ways destroy their environment, yet they never do so from a starting point of just wanting to have more – they do so because of need and to survive in this world; we as humans on the other hand search and destroy in order to fulfill our greed – and the world as it currently looks is a testimony to our inability to care and consider for our environment.

A perfect example of our incapacity to consider the consequences of our actions is the invention of planned obsolescence – a engineering trick created by highly educated human beings, that regardless of their university degrees, couldn’t understand that their invention would cause massive consequences.

Planned obsolescence is the deliberate decision to design a product to be of an inferior standard so that it will break in a set amount of time. This is done so that the consumer must go and buy a new product – thus increasing the revenues for the producer. What obviously hasn’t been considered in this approach is the damage and impact such a wasteful way of utilizing resources have on the environment; it’s as if us humans have imagined and believed that we could do anything we want to do – without any form of consequence – that we could use up all the resources in the world – without consequence – that we could do invent and create everything we’d like to – without consequence. Though, in this day and age – it’s becoming increasingly clear that this is not the case and that currently – we’re facing the Age of Consequence.

The consequence we will face due to how we’ve used planned obsolescence to drive our economies, is a loss of non-renewable resources such as oil, severe damage to important eco-systems of the world, such as forests and lakes, air pollution and through the greenhouse effect a raise in temperature all over the world – in other words – we will pay dearly for disrespecting the privileges given to us that we’ve been abusing for the sake of fulfilling our own greed. Consequence is absolute and can’t be negotiated – when consequence has been created it must be walked through and this is what we now must do as a human race.

Though, what is very important is that we do not anymore continue with our brutally lavish and inconsiderate lifestyle, and that we as such, together make sure that such nefarious intellectual inventions as planned obsolescence are banned and not anymore allowed to exist, so that we do not create more consequences for ourselves – to the extent where such consequences can’t be repaired or corrected – the point of no return.

The primary reason as to why planned obsolescence exists is because of Fear of Survival – we human beings tend to run around like crazies, all the time having in mind achieving, and getting to that money which we must have in order to get through our days, afford food and be able to pay of our mortgages – thus for the Love of Money, or rather, for the Fear of Loosing Money – we’ve created planned obsolescence; the solution as such is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

We need a new economic system – so that we can end Fear of Survival – I suggest that you investigate a Living Income Guarantee – and realize that we must stop or else we will be stopped.

A documentary suggested to watch in order to understand the magnitude of Planned Obsolescence is “The Light Bulb Conspiracy” – See Here

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