The Age of Migration: UK and Calais is just the Beginning

calaisThe age of migration is upon us, thousands upon thousands of African, and Arabic citizens are flooding into Europe on a daily basis – and these people are willing to sacrifice their lives for a new chance in the western civilization. Recently we have the situation in Calais becoming more pronounced, yet that is only a small part of a much bigger problem.

What we are facing with mass migration, which is happening on a multitude of levels, with various of races and ethnicities trying to move beyond the borders of their country of origin, is the bitter truth that our economic system does not support all people equally. Mass migration makes it clear, that in some parts of the world, life is not worth living. Because consider the immense risk that these refugees goes through to be able to reach the soils of Europe. They walk through deserts, cross seas in unseaworthy boats, climb fences with barbed wire, and continue to move forward even though they are constantly harassed and violated by police, and other governmental agencies.

The question we in the western countries should ask ourselves is: How is it possible for this to happen? What is really going on in this world? Though, instead of answering these questions, and looking at what is in-fact creating the refugee stream, and then implementing a solution that will work on a global level – what we’ve done thus far is instead to build walls, obstacles, create specialized police forces, and more – all to deter and prevent refugees from entering into Europe.

If we take a look at the reasons as to why people decide to leave their homes and travel across the world, it has to do with finding opportunities for making money, and escaping war – it’s these two reasons that dominate. Thus the solution to ending the refugee problem is found in providing, and creating the necessary structures to give all, regardless of birth, opportunities to make money and a peaceful environment. This would be a long-term solution, which would not only stop the current refugee stream, but also make a lot of people able to live happy, dignified, and awesome lives.

Unfortunately, the entire human rights movement, and the various charities involved with trying to ease the suffering, and hinder the human rights abuses that the various border agencies commits, is useless. This movement doesn’t target the actual problems, but more tries to remedy the symptoms – what needs to be remedied is not the consequences but the origin, the creation point – and for that we need political change – and movement on a global level to stop the human suffering occurring outside of Europe.

It might seem like a big, and undoable project, though is it really? We’ve been able to recreate the infrastructure of entire countries in only some few years before in history – take a look at Germany after the Second World War. And secondly, do we actually have a choice? Can we choose to ignore this situation? It should be clear by now, that these refugees are not giving up, and that they are growing in numbers, and that if they aren’t given what they want – they will take it. You would do the same if it was you on the other side of the fence – it’s simply not acceptable to have some people live lives of luxury while the rest of the world must live in squalor and with no access to the most basic of necessities.

Investigate the Living Income Guaranteed by the Equal Life Foundation to see a proposal for a solution to this situation – through which we are able to grant everyone the living environment they need to lead comfortable and dignified lives.